Asphalt - Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Debris

Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Debris

Appliances, fuel tanks, and tires must be removed. Usable building materials can be donated to Lake County Habitat for Humanity or offered on Lakeport/Kelseyville Freecycle.

Dumpsters can be rented from the hauler that services the construction site. In the unicorporated areas of the County, it is illegal to have a dumpster delivered by any company other than your hauler per County ordinance.

Eastlake Landfill
16015 Davis St., Clearlake
Includes mixed debris, non-asbestos-containing materials, non-metal pipe, flooring, dirt, asphalt, treated or painted wood, roofing, concrete. (Excess concrete will result in a recycling surcharge - or recycle at Lake County Waste Solutions and Quackenbush Mountain). Mobile homes and trailers by appointment.

Lake County Waste Solutions
230 Soda Bay Rd., Lakeport
234-6400 or 1-888-718-4888
Includes mixed or separated debris, clean landscaping materials, asphalt shingles, tar and rock roofing, dry wall, scrap metal, concrete, brick, asphalt, and porcelain (toilets and sinks).

Quackenbush Mountain Resource Recovery & Compost Facility
16520 Davis St., Clearlake
Includes clean construction wood, clean concrete, clean asphalt, and clean dirt.  


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1. Aerosol cans
2. Aluminum cans
3. Ammunition & Explosives
4. Antifreeze
5. Appliances, Small and Large
6. Asbestos (and presumed asbestos-containing materials)
7. Asphalt - Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Debris
8. Automotive Fluids
9. Batteries
10. Beds / Mattress
11. Beverage Containers
12. Bicycles (working, parts, or non-working)
13. Boats
14. Books (hard or soft cover)
15. Bottles (Beverage and Glass)
16. Bricks
17. Film Plastic/Stryofoam
18. Yard Waste