What services does the CCS program provide?
  • Children with medical documentation of a suspected CCS eligible medical condition(s) may be eligible for free diagnostic evaluations.
  • Treatment services for the life threatening or disabling condition, including: medical and surgical care, pharmaceuticals, physical and occupational therapy, laboratory tests, X-ray, appliances, equipment, and other needed services.
  • Physical and occupational therapy is provided in medical therapy units located in public schools to children with qualifying physical disabilities who have a medical need for these treatment services. (These CCS services do not require financial eligibility).
  • Medical case management is provided by the CCS program. It includes: referrals to approved medical specialists and specialty centers; follow-up with others involved with the care of the child such as schools, public health/school nurses, social workers and other agencies; transferring medical records; locating new facilities and services when families move. Most of these specialists and centers for the North Bay region are in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Palo Alto.

For more information, contact us at 707-263-5806

The Medical Therapy Program is located currently at Konocti Education Center. Financial eligibility is not a factor in qualifying for therapeutic services at the Medical Therapy Unit. For more information, contact 707-995-1596.

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1. What is California Children's Services (CCS)?
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3. Who is eligible for the CCS program?
4. What services does the CCS program provide?
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6. How will I know if my child is eligible for CCS program benefits?
7. What if I have private health insurance coverage for my child?
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10. Which applicants/clients or families are required to pay the annual assessment fee?
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12. What if the family cannot pay the enrollment fee?
13. How do I find out if my child has an approved CCS medically eligible condition?