Who determines what work needs to be done? Who pays for these services?

Formation of Zone

As part of the formation, the members of the zone appoint Representatives and identify a Key Contact to act as liaison to the County.

Role of Zone

The Engineering Division of the Public Works will perform annual condition and safety inspections, give recommendations for correcting any hazards that may exist and/or pavement maintenance recommendations, and the respective costs for said recommendations.

The Public Works Department develops with input from representatives a recommended budget, including specific projects and the amount of the assessment or tax to be charged to each property within the zone. The amount of the assessment must be based on the benefit received by each property with the nexus or methodology included in the proposed budget. All members of the zone have the right to speak and vote on these issues.

Public Works staff presents the zone's proposed budgets to the Board of Supervisors for approval annually. Any zone member may appear before the Board to speak on the proposed assessment and budget. If an increase to an existing assessment or an increase above the approved maximum special tax is proposed, it would be subject to the approval process described above.

Once approved by the Board and any required landowner ballot and registered voter election, the assessment or tax is added to the property tax bill for each parcel. The funds are collected with the property taxes and deposited into an interest-bearing account for the use of the zone. All funds are administered by the Administration Division of Public Works. Monies are not placed in the General Fund and cannot be used for other purposes.

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1. I live on a private road that needs to be maintained. The neighbors don't agree on what needs to be done or how much each of us should pay; what can be done?
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10. Who determines what work needs to be done? Who pays for these services?
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19. Is one of the benefits of being included in a zone of benefit being included in the County self-insurance program?
20. If the design of a road is alleged or proven as casual or contributory to an accident will this type of liability be covered by the County's self-insurance program?
21. Are there any programs available for senior citizens where they can defer their annual payments associated with the CSA?
22. Why were some private roads built to County standards and others were not and since we are already paying taxes for roads, why do we need to pay another tax to maintain our road?