What are the prizes?

Reading is its own reward, but we also offer prizes to make the program more fun.

  • For adults and teens, there will be a random prize drawing to win a Kindle Fire or a gift card to a local business at the end of the Summer. The more points you have the greater chance you have to win!
  • Kids and Pre-K get a sticker for their reading log for every book or every 40 pages they read. They also get to pick a small toy out of the library treasure chest for every 200 points they earn.

For all those who finish the program by earning 1,000 points a book with a commemorative bookplate is donated in their name to the library, along with a Summer Reading book tote. They get to pick the book, sign their name, and be the first person to check it out!

All the prizes for the Summer Reading Program are provided by the non-profit Friends of the Lake County Library.

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11. What are the prizes?
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