November 3, 2020 General Election

Track your Ballot

Receive personalized text messages, emails, and/or automated voice messages on your Vote by Mail ballot by subscribing to Where's My Ballot. This is a free service available to all registered voters that gives you updated information on where your ballot is and when you can expect to receive it.

Subscribe to Ballot Trax

In addition, Voters can check on the status of their ballot to confirm if it was received in our office through our Ballot Return Status

Signature Verification Statement

We understand that as years go by, your signature is bound to change, therefore, if the signature on your Vote by Mail return envelope doesn't match what is in our voter registration database we will notify you by mail or email and ask that you complete and return a "Signature Verification Statement" form.

See the Signature Verification Statement and Instructions (PDF).

Unsigned Ballot Statement

Did you forget to sign your ballot? If you return your Vote by Mail ballot without signing the return envelope we will notify you by mail or email and ask that you complete and return an "Unsigned Ballot Statement" form.

See the Unsigned Ballot Envelope Statement and Instructions (PDF).

Campaign & Finance

Whether supporting a local bond measure or running for a statewide office, laws, and regulations require that candidates and committees report campaign contributions and spending to ensure transparency and accountability for elections.

For State and Local candidates, visit the Fair Political Practices Commission.