Instructions & Service Information

The Lake County Sheriff's Civil Division is responsible for serving civil process paperwork and enforcing civil court judgments. All documents must be accompanied by a letter of instruction, signed and dated by the attorney of record or the plaintiff. The letter of instruction must include the name of the person(s) to be served and the address where that person(s) is to be served. You must provide a physical address for service. The sheriff's department will not provide an address or "search" for the person(s). The person(s) being served must have a physical address in Lake County.

The Civil Division requires you provide the correct number of copies of all documents to be served. You must provide the original writ for evictions and levies. A wage garnishment must be accompanied by an Application for Earnings Withholding Order.

If you are serving documents from an out-of-state court, please include the name and address of the court.

If you have requirements for your service, outside regular hours of operation, you may wish to contact a local Registered Process Server.