Terrace Middle School

The Terrace Middle School garden has an array of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The garden is loved by the staff and students in which they have harvested and shared what the garden has brought them.

  • "It is fun to see the students work on the garden. They enjoy getting a break from being in class. One thing I am surprised about is my students' willingness to try the various veggies we grow. My students really like when Barbara and Marrina show up; it becomes an unscheduled break to go work in the garden." - Daniel Schaefers, teacher
  • "I loved going to our garden, it was great bringing home tomatoes we grew to be used in a stew my mom made." - Karma, student
  • "I like to eat the fresh fruits and vegetables in our garden, the strawberries and tomatoes are my favorite." - Deven, student
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