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The Assessor-Recorder and staff strive to give quality service, provide accurate information, maintain and preserve Lake County's public records, and make fair and equitable assessments of property through our personal commitment to integrity, mutual respect, and teamwork.

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How Property Values are Assessed

Notice: Restrictive Covenant Modification Form

A "Restrictive Covenant Modification" form was added to the recorder forms.

If a document contains any restriction based on age, race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, disability, veteran or military status, genetic information, national origin, source of income as defined in subdivision (p) of Section 12955, or ancestry, that restriction violates state and federal fair housing laws and is void, and may be removed pursuant to Section 12956.2 of the Government Code by submitting a "Restrictive Covenant Modification" form, together with a copy of the attached document with the unlawful provision redacted to the county recorder's office. The "Restrictive Covenant Modification" form can be obtained from the county recorder's office and may be available on its internet website. The form may also be available from the party that provided you with this document. Lawful restrictions under state and federal law on the age of occupants in senior housing or housing for older persons shall not be construed as restrictions based on familial status.

Proposition 19 (2020)

On November 3, 2020, California Residents passed Proposition 19 (2020), the Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act. Proposition 19 will change how several programs are administered. The affected programs will be:

  • Parent-Child Exclusion
  • Grandparent-Grandchild Exclusion
  • Senior Base Value Transfer
  • Disabled Base Value Transfer
  • Disaster Relief Base Value Transfer

For information on how Proposition 19 will affect these programs, visit the California Board of Equalization website.