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This page is developed by the Lake County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services to serve the public by providing disaster preparedness information. To suggest changes or request additional information, use the e-mail under Contact Us tab. 

Information is updated in as timely of a manner as possible but may not be real-time during an emergency. Ensure that you are registered to receive LakeCoAlerts for timely emergency information. 

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5 Steps to All-Hazards Preparedness

Use these steps to prepare for all-hazards. Some steps have a "Helpful Links" section to provide you with expanded information and other resources. 

Preparedness Information by Topic

Resources organized by frequently requested topics.

  1. Office of Emergency Services (OES)

5 Steps to All-Hazards Preparedness

Lake Co Alerts: Lake County Sheriff's Office (Unincorporated County)

The Lake County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) and OES send emergency alerts via phone call to your landline or cell phone, text and/or SMS messages, email and via social media.

Incorporated Cities

The City of Clearlake and City of Lakeport provide alert and warning within their city limits. Registration and information provided is independent of the Sheriff's LakeCoAlerts.  

  • For more information about the City of Clearlake (Emergency Alerts) click here.
  • For more information about the City of Lakeport (Emergency Alerts) click here

Other Communication Pathways

No single alert and warning method should be relied on and residents are encouraged to maintain their own situational awareness to respond to an emergency (i.e. self-evacuate) if conditions warrant. 

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)

Lake County Sheriff's Office is an iPaws Alerting Authority and may send emergency alerts that disseminate via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) or other alerting systems. 

  • EAS delivers alerts via AM, FM and satellite radio, as well as broadcast, cable and satellite TV. 
  • Cell phones and mobile devices receive WEA based on location.

Warning Sirens

Some communities purchase and maintain their own community warning sirens. Activation for tests and actual emergencies are conducted by the Sheriff's Office. 

Preparedness Information by Topic

Video Resources

  1. Go-Bag Essentials