Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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The Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential assistance program to help employees deal with the challenges of everyday living. These services are available to eligible members and their household. Log in to explore wellness, work/life, legal and financial information and resources.

You can access the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by calling 1(833)954-1067 or log in at the Anthem EAP Website using the company code PRISM.

Life can be full of challenges. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help you and your household members.

EAP offers a wide range of no-cost support services and resources, including:

CounselingCounseling:Emotional Well-BeingEmotional well-being resources:
  • Up to 5 visits per issue
  • In-person or online visits
  • Call EAP or use the online Member Center to initiate services
  • Digital tools to improve emotional well-being
  • Team up with an experienced clinical coach
  • Practice mindfulness on the go
Dependent CareDependent care and daily living resources:CrisisCrisis consultation:
  • Online information about child care, adoption, elder care, and assisted living
  • Phone consultation with a work-life specialist
  • Help with pet sitting, moving, and other common needs
  • Toll-free emergency number; 24/7 support
  • Online critical event support during crisis
LegalLegal consultation:ID RecoveryID recovery:
  • 30-minute phone or in-person meeting
  • Discounted fees to retain a lawyer
  • Free legal resources, forms, and seminars online
  • Help reporting to consumer credit agencies
  • Assistance with paperwork and creditor negotiations
Financial ConsulationFinancial consultation:
OtherOther anthemEAP.com resources:
  • Phone meeting with financial professionals
  • Regular business hours; no appointments required
  • Free financial resources and budgeting tools online
  • Well-being articles, podcasts, and monthly webinars
  • Self-assessments tools for emotional health issues