Emergency Medical Care Committee


  • Minimum of 18 members:
    • One member representing Sutter Lakeside Hospital
    • One member representing St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake
    • One member representing Community College Districts
    • One member representing the Sheriff’s Department
    • One member representing the California High Patrol
    • The Emergency Services Director
    • Two ER Affiliated Medical Care Coordinators
    • One member of the Board of Supervisors
    • One Paramedic Representative
    • One County Health Officer
    • One member representing a Private Ambulance Company
    • Five members representing local Fire Departments
    • The County Health Services Director
    • Four members representing Others-Consumer Interested Group
    • Two EMT Representatives

Term / Expiration

  • 2-year terms


The purpose of this committee is to review standards of emergency medical care in Lake County pursuant to the Health and Safety Code.

Agendas and Minutes may be located in the Agenda Center

Date Formed

  • August 31, 1982


Applications may be obtained online or from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, located at:
Lake County Courthouse
Room 109
255 N Forbes Street
Lakeport, CA 95453